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22 April | London | Stop the War AGM

AGM2017 2

Stop the War AGM
Sat 22 April| 09:30-17:00
Arlington Conference Centre
220 Arlington Road

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This year's national conference, which is Stop the War's annual general meeting for members and delegates, is taking place against the background of a 16-year long war in the Middle East and a dangerous and bigoted new US President.

• US President Trump's aggressive, belligerent and bigoted policies, including the travel ban on people from seven predominantly Muslim countries, are galvanising millions of people to stand up against him.

• Britain continues to be militarily involved in at least seven countries both through bombing campaigns authorised by parliament and through covert military actions.

• The refugee crisis, largely a result of Western military interventions, is continuing to afflict millions of people.
• New threats are developing, including a bellicose stance of the Trump administration towards Iran and China.

The conference will discuss how the anti-war movement should respond in the next 18 months. If you want to be part of this important planning and action conference, please make sure you book early to secure your place.

Who's coming?
Individual members
All individual members with up-to-date subscriptions can register for the conference.

The date for the new members to join and attend the conference is 1 March 2017. Join now so you can attend the conference.
We will be writing to all our members individually to invite them to the conference and remind them when their membership fees are due. Please call us on 020 7561 4830 if you would like to discuss membership and registration.
Stop the War local groups
Local groups can nominate four delegates.
Affiliated groups
Trade union branches, trades councils, community and faith groups who have up to date affiliations can nominate two delegates.

Deadline: Saturday 8th April 2017
Local groups and affiliated organisations are permitted to submit one motion to be decided upon by Stop the War members and delegates.
Please submit motions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Steering Committee Nominations

Deadline: Wednesday 15th April 2017
This is the fixed list of steering committee members from affiliated groups other than local groups. Existing steering committee members are listed on the Stop the War web site. The new list will be elected at the AGM.
Please submit nominations to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Delegates for local Stop the War groups are decided by local groups themselves so nominations are not required.