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2015 Appeal: Why you should donate to Stop the War now

John Pilger
John Pilger journalist and filmmaker
Stop the War has demonstrated literally and vividly that... Read more »
John Pilger

John Pilger
journalist, filmmaker and author

"Stop the War has demonstrated literally and vividly that there are two great powers in the world.

One power may reside in Washington; the other is the willingness of people everywhere to resist and take direct action.

One may have the guns; the other has the numbers. One may appear to be winning; the other has history and humanity on its side.

Support Stop the War.

Mark Rylance
Mark Rylance actor and director
Stop The War works tirelessly to keep us informed about ... Read more »
Mark Rylance

Mark Rylance
actor and stage director

Stop The War works tirelessly to keep us informed about our unfortunate involvement as British citizens in War.

As civilians, I am informed, we contribute on average over £500 a year to military expenditure through our taxes. Most casualties are caused by the technology we pay for, and 90% of those casualties are civilian.

There is no such thing as conscientious objection to military service in Britain today. We are all involved, directly involved.

To me, war is a failure of diplomacy and good governance. With the gift of our English language, which is so widely known and used in the world, we should be a nation of diplomats and skilled peaceful resolvers of conflict.

Instead we seem to be provoking war through arms sales and alignment with aggressive regimes and policies. We don't tolerate violent solutions in our relationships, our families, our workplaces, our neighbourhoods, why do we allow our politicians to behave with such violence in the world of International relations?

Please join Stop the War and help stop war.

Brian Eno
Brian Eno artist and record producer
Stop the War has consistently been Britain's most... Read more »
Brian Eno

Brian Eno
artist and record producer

Stop the War Coalition has consistently been Britain's most coherent and determined voice of opposition to war and injustice. Working on a shoestring budget, Stop the War continues to inspire and organise effective public demonstrations to remind hawkish politicians that the electorate doesn't share their appetite for military conflict. 

My own involvement began in the lead to the Iraq war. The media were almost wholly convinced by the WMD story, and had effectively failed in their function as independent investigators: willingly or not, they had effectively become part of the pro-war propaganda machine.

Stop the War represented all those people like me who didn’t swallow the party line - and over a million of us turned up on an exceptionally cold day to register our dissent. In the short term that demo failed - we went to war anyway - but in the longer term it succeeded.

The display of public disenchantment that it highlighted not only fatally damaged the credibility of Tony Blair and the whole New Labour project, but still stands as a caution to subsequent governments. 

Michael Rosen
Michael Rosen writer and broadcaster
Stop the War has been the consistent voice of sanity... Read more »
Michael Rosen

Michael Rosen
writer, poet and broadcaster

Stop the War has been the consistent voice of sanity throughout these last years of war and mass death carried out in our name.

We cannot let our leaders go on and on claiming that more invasions and more bombings are 'solutions' and Stop the War gives us a voice to say this.

In the face of such destruction, we have to lay to one side our differences, and unite around this simple but powerful idea: stop the war.

AL Kennedy
A.L. Kennedy writer
Stop the War's work is growing all the more precious... Read more »
AL Kennedy

A.L. Kennedy

Stop the War is a valuable source of information and a vital voice for peace and creative thinking in the UK and beyond. 

In a landscape dominated by lazy mainstream journalism, political spin and aggressively entitled commercial interests Stop the War's work is growing all the more precious.

Jonathan Steele
Jonathan Steele journalist and author
Stop the War Coalition is one of our most important assets... Read more »
Jonathan Steele

Jonathan Steele
journalist and author

The biggest threat to Britain is not the so-called Islamic State but the rapidly accelerating danger of a new Cold War in Europe and the risk that it could turn into a full-scale hot war.

As Britain sends troops to Ukraine and prepares to arm the country, voices which emphasise political dialogue with Russia and reject demonisation are increasingly drowned out.

Stop the War Coalition provides a platform based on what I call radical common sense. On this and other international issues, including the fight against Islamophobia in this country and the rest of Europe, Stop the War Coalition is one of our most important assets. It deserves wide support.

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By donating to Stop the War you will:

  • Help fund our vibrant office, which organises our public meetings, parliamentary briefings, demonstrations, and gets anti-war voices onto the media
  • Contribute to making the placards and banners which have become iconic as symbols of anti-war protest
  • Ensure the Stop the War voice is heard in the upcoming election
  • Support the anti-war movement which, unlike our opponents the warmongers, has no big business backing but relies on the donations and membership of our supporters.

Why we need your support

The world is a more dangerous place than ever. The Middle East is in flames, fuelled by the disastrous interventions in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. There is the threat of wider war in the Ukraine, as Nato extends its reach. The war is destabilising countries from Pakistan to Yemen.

Far from learning the lessons of past wars, the British government is sending troops to Ukraine and Iraq, and building a new base in Bahrain.

We need your support. Stop the War has campaigned against the British government's support for these wars. The war on terror has failed on its own terms: it has helped to increase the threat of terrorism. Attacks on civil liberties and a growth in Islamophobia in the West have accompanied the war.

Your help is vital for us to continue our work. Donate or join today and become part of a mass anti-war movement.

By joining Stop the War you will:

  • Become part of an anti-war network, nationally and locally, including trade unions, peace groups, faith organisations, community and political activists
  • Receive information about anti-war events and activities
  • Get help from our national office to organise events and activities in your local area
  • Receive discounts for national anti-war events
  • Participate in our policy making conferences
  • Help fund the largest anti-war movement in British history