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How you can help build the anti-war movement in Britain and support the work of Stop the War.

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Tony Blair behind bars

Unlike Tony Blair, who has amassed over £70 million since he left office in 2007, Stop the War relies entirely on contributions from its members and supporters to fund our small office and all our anti-war activities

Why Stop the War needs your help

The Ukraine crisis shows once again how volatile and dangerous the world has become. Calls for increased intervention in Syria continue. Drone attacks are causing carnage and destabilising countries from Pakistan to Yemen. The West is stepping up its interventions on the African continent.

In September, the NATO summit in Wales will discuss plans to strengthen its grip on the Middle East, Eastern Europe and the Asian Pacific. Meanwhile, David Cameron is spending over £50 million "celebrating" the centenary of the First World War. The message is clear: glorify old wars and plan for new ones.

While we are told there is no alternative to savage cutbacks in public services and welfare for the poorest and most vulnerable people in society, our government remains committed to a belligerent, militarised, and very expensive foreign policy. Britain is the world's fourth biggest military spender, and the highest in Europe.

Stop the War's response in 2014 is a programme of debates, protests, counter-summits and cultural events. Please consider becoming a Stop the War member or making a donation to help us continue opposing the war policies of our government.

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