Gaza Emergency Appeal

Gaza grieving women

Dear supporter

Seven days of Israeli air strikes on Gaza, hundreds killed, and for the moment it looks set to continue. We are organizing to mount the strongest possible campaign to stop the Western-backed Israeli terror. But to do this we need your help. Please give generously to our Gaza emergency appeal so we can send a strong message to the British government and to show solidarity with the Palestinians.

Last Friday more that 5000 people blocked the road outside the Israeli embassy. This Saturday along with our friends from the other peace and solidarity campaigns we are organizing a national demonstration to bring tens of thousands to London.

All this costs a huge amount of money. We have to pay for transport, placards, sound systems, staging, the maintenance of our leading anti-war web site, and to run our small London office to help co-ordinate these protests. We rely entirely on donations large and small from our supporters in order to co-ordinate this work.


Lindsey German Convenor Stop the War Coalition

You can donate in the following ways:
  • Online:
  • Telephone 020 7561 4830
  • Post Cheques made payable to Stop the War Coalition, 86 Durham Road, London N7 7DT