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Afghanistan: letter from military families to prime minister David Cameron

This petition was used in Autumn/Winter 2012

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From members of Military Families Against the War supported by MPs, journalists, writers, artists, musicians and actors.

Dear Prime Minister,

Recent attacks on NATO troops have destroyed what passed for a strategy in Afghanistan. It is clear there is no prospect of an 'orderly handover'. All indications are the vast majority of Afghans want NATO troops to leave and leave soon. The occupation is the main cause of violence in the country.

It is unforgiveable to keep or send troops to Afghanistan for another two years in this pointless war. On current figures it would lead to the death of over one hundred more British soldiers, the wounding of hundreds more and the death of uncounted Afghan civilians. You must recognize that every single casualty is a real human tragedy for which those controlling the war are responsible.

We urge you to listen to the voice of the people and end the futile killing by bringing all the troops home by Christmas.

Military Families Against the War: Kathy Bairstow ∙ Brenda Burt ∙ Cait Ni Cadlaig ∙ Sandy Elliott ∙ Sue Glenton ∙ Joan Hartnell ∙ Jim Hartnell ∙ Lilian Hennigan ∙ Madeline Hennigan ∙ Joan Humphreys ∙ Graham Knight ∙ Erin Main ∙ Caroline Munday ∙ Chris Parsons ∙ Linzi Payge ∙ Susan West

Supported by: Ronnie Campbell MP ∙ Martin Caton MP ∙ Jeremy Corbyn MP ∙ Paul Flynn MP ∙ John Hemming MP ∙ Caroline Lucas MP ∙ Tayo Aluko writer & actor ∙ Howard Blake composer ∙ Victoria Brittain journalist ∙ Andy de la Tour actor ∙ Janie Dee actor ∙ Brian Eno artist & musician ∙ Lindsey German convenor Stop the War Coalition ∙ Jemima Khan journalist ∙ Roger Lloyd Pack actor ∙ Miriam Margolyes actor ∙ Simon McBurney actor ∙ Len McCluskey gen. sec. Unite union ∙ Celia Mitchell actor ∙ Andrew Murray chief of staff Unite union ∙ David Randall musician ∙ Michael Rosen author & broadcaster ∙ Mark Rylance actor

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