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Iraq war III: reasons to break the cycle of endless war

Iraq war III pamphlet

This new Stop the War pamphlet is an essential read for understanding why Britain, in alliance with Washington, has waged endless war for over a decade. Stop the War has long warned that these interventions only bring calamity to the region and generate crises used as the pretext for the next assault. This war will be no different. It is time to break the cycle of endless war and end British interference in the Middle East.

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No Glory: The Real History of the First World War

A new 36-page pamphlet by historian Neil Faulkner looks at the real reasons for the outbreak of the First World War. This pamphlet is part of No Glory in War, a national campaign of political, cultural, and educational activities that opposes ‘nationalist’ interpretations of the First World War, and aims to promote international solidarity and peace.

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ISBN: 970-0-9927166-0-8


No to NATO t-shirt

No to NATO t-shirt

No to NATO t-shirt
Brand new design
£10 + £1 p&p
Small, Medium, Large, X Large

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Free Gaza t-shirt

Free Gaza t-shirt

Limited edition Free Gaza t-shirt
Original David Gentleman design
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Medium, Large, X Large
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Not In Our Name DVD

Including interviews with Tony Benn, Mark Steel and Eamonn McCann, as well as police footage and archive from the war in Lebanon, the production team had unprecedented access to tell this unique story.

A David & Goliath tale against one of the world’s largest arms producers, this film is an inspiring tale of human rights, grassroots action and the subversion of power.

Language: English
Length: 30 mins
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Format: PAL
All Regions


Beats not Bombs T-shirt

Available in maroon or grey.
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Stop the War: 10th Anniversary Graphic History

The remarkable legacy of Stop The War is here in pictures for the first time, with contributions from leading artists -- such as Ralph Steadman, Banksy and Steve Bell. The book includes illustrations of the graphics used to publicise events, such as David Gentleman's now iconic 'blood spot' designs. It ends with a graphical timeline presenting in chronological order all the key events from Stop the War's ten year history.

STOP THE WAR: GRAPHIC HISTORY is a limited edition, full-colour publication, lavishly produced in A4 size, with 208 pages and including over 300 images. (Featured in The Guardian...)



Tin badges. Five designs available: 'Don't Attack Syria'; 'Troops Out of Afghanistan', 'Free Gaza', StWC logo and 'Don't Iraq Iran'. The 'Don't Iraq Iran' design may be substituted for a similar one saying 'Don't Attack Iran'

£0.80p each or all four for £3 (including delivery). Please note there is a minimum order value on of £5.

Available at unit price £0.30p each when buying 50 or more (any combination of design), please call the office if you wish to buy in bulk.

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Not in Our Name CD

15 track benefit CD produced by David Ferrard

Not In Our Name is a collection produced for Stop the War by David Ferrard. The album contains powerful and moving songs by British, American and Australian singers that will inspire the many millions of us, world-wide, who reject the propaganda that led us into brutal invasions against Iraq and Afghanistan as part of a War on Terror that could last a generation and lead to more war and more deaths.


War With No End

‘War With No End’ provides an urgent, necessary reflection on the causes and consequences of the ideological War On Terror.

Bringing together some of the finest contemporary writers, this wide-ranging anthology, from reportage and faction to fiction, explores the impact of the “long war” throughout the world, from Palestine to Iraq, Abu Ghraib, the curtailment of civil liberties, and the manipulation of public opinion.

Paperback, 167 pages, 2007.


War on Terror pamphlet

In the last 20 years, since the end of the Cold War, Britain has gone to war, usually on the coat tails of the United States, seven times -- Iraq 199, Iraq 1998, Yugoslavia 1999, Sierra Leone 2000, Afghanistan 2001, Iraq 2003-2008, 2011 Libya. This 32 page pamphlet examines the background to the war policies of Labour governments under Tony Blair, now being continued by David Cameron's Conservative government. It concludes by looking at how the anti-war movement has responded to those policies, and how it needs to develop in the future, given the continuing commitment of the western powers to military intervention in other peoples' countries.

32 pages, 2011. By Andrew Murray and Chris Nineham.


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