Officers & Steering Committee

The President, Vice-Presidents and the Steering Committee members are elected at National Conference. The Steering Committee in turn elects the national Officers Group of the Coalition.


The late and very much missed Tony Benn was the Stop the War president until his death on 14 March 2014. A new president has yet to be appointed.


Tariq Ali Anas Al-Tikriti Louise Christian
Tam Dalyell George Galloway Caroline Lucas
Alice Mahon Kamal Majid Keith Sonnet


Steve Bell Treasurer Robin Beste Andrew Burgin
Alistair Cartwright Jeremy Corbyn Chair Samir Dathi
Fiona Edwards Lindsey German Convenor Sagar Hiremath
Kate Hudson Shamiul Joarder Andrew Murray
Chris Nineham Judith Orr Kevin Ovenden
John Rees Jane Shallice Carol Turner

Steering Committee

Elected at the 2013 Stop the War National Conference
Mark Bergfeld Robin Beste Richard Brackenbury
Jim Brann Andrew Burgin Alistair Cartwright
Sarah Colborne PSC David Crouch MWAW Samir Dathi
UNISON rep Abbas Edalat CASMII Fiona Edwards
Shadia Edwards-Dashti Heather Fitzgerald Green Party Rose Gentle MFAW
Sanum Ghafoor Joe Glenton Sagar Hiremath
Tansy Hoskins Kate Hudson CND Joan Humphreys MFAW
TSSA Rep Shamiul Joarder Friends of Al-Aqsa Tekin Kartel DAY-MER
Sarah Kavanagh NUJ Alex Kenny NUT Fran Legg
Fred Leplat Emily Mann CPB Andrew Murray UNITE
Chris Nineham Judith Orr SWP Kevin Ovenden
Sami Ramadani John Rees Bernard Regan
Andy Reid PCS Jane Shallice Carol Turner
Walter Wolfgang Labour CND Salma Yaqoob Eda FidanKurdish Federation

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